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Analytics App on the App Store on iTunes

Analytics App about the App Retailer about iTunes
- 55 reports, showing data approximately one hundred rows!
Analytics App may be the premier app pertaining to Google Analytics you've been waiting for! only Analytics App together with Segmentation!
- A Lot More studies and data as compared to some other Analytics app
Intuitive and stylish user interface, you'll find yourself deploying it a lot much more than Google's website to check your own analytics!
- The Particular now famous "Today" report that everyone wishes Google offered, as well as now any "Yesterday" report!

- free updates!

- Secure connection straight to Google
- View multiple metrics for many reports!
- Supports multiple logins (new!) and also multiple accounts
- Dashboard statement for any great overview
- Customize the date range quickly and also easily

- works upon Wifi, 3G as well as Edge
You must have or develop a Google Analytics account (free) to help to make use of this app! Any Adwords account will only work if Analytics is actually activated also.

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